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                                                        TEENS PROGRAM 


   Welcome to EZ1 Driving LLC TEEN Education program. To help you become more brief about the guidelines to our program & the state of Hawaii requirements that our curriculum follows: I ask that you read the following and talk with your child (student) what is expected of them during their time with EZ1. Once you & your child have reviewed the application (contract), please sign and date the bottom of the application. Our program follows the State guidelines as to classroom & behind the wheel (btw) content, both of which your child must successfully complete before taking the ROAD TEST.  

   The classroom is 30 hours of instructions covering 19 chapters of ADTSEA & AAA Curriculum that include a wide range of topics. To ensure that your child has the best

possible instruction, students are required to follow all State & Hawaii laws as they pertain to driving regulations as well as the use of any prohibited substances. If student fail to follow these rules, parent/guardian will be contacted, EZ1 has the right to remove the student from the program without a refund.

    The behind the wheels (btw) are 6 hours of instructions (day time only) with me and these hours can be included to their 50 hours driving log sheet (Form), 40 hours on days and 10 hours night. Once 50 hours is completed, it has to be NOTARIZED (any bank will do). That notarized form will be mine for keep and will deliver your Certificates upon my availability. If your child is only taking btw or classroom only, it will take 6 weeks and requires to fill-in application for contract.

    In addition, student and I will explore a wide range of traffic situations. There are a total of 4 sessions (6 hours), per session is 1.5 hours. Once a student is assigned for btw, it's important that they keep their scheduled time due to instructor & car availability. For any cancellations before the start of a lesson, please cancel a minimum of 24 hours, otherwise there is a cancellation fee of $50.00.   

   Lastly, A returned check there will be a $30.00 fee assessed by EZ1. Sorry for the inconvenience & we hope that you can understand.

To RESERVE YOUR SEAT, $100.00 deposit must accompany application (email filled application to: for the classroom session. The deposit will be applied to fee. Payment by cash, check (payable to EZ1 Driving LLC), and all credit cards through (PayPal by INVOICE).

 **Your Hawaii Instruction permit must be valid** to do btw!


Marlo Ocreto (Uncle Marlo)

EZ1 Driving LLC-owner

Cell: 808.783.1906






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